Question: What is the difference between the VP70LTE+ and the VP70XD?
Answer:    Both players have the same OS, decoding & features. The ony differences are:
  • The VP70LTE+ does not have a VGA output
  • The VP70XD has a wall mount bracket and the VP70LTE+ does not
  • The VP70LTE+ is physically smaller then the VP70XD
      -  VP70XD    100mm(W) x 80mm(D) x 26mm(H)
      -  VP70LTE+  80mm(W) x 58mm(D) x 16mm(H)

Will the VP70 auto start if I lose power?
Answer:   Yes. Once you plug in the player or you lose power and it comes back on the player will turn on and play the 1st photo or video by itself.