Set Up Tips:

Make sure your VP90, VP71XD, 2700D or 2700M is set to interactive play mode. Connect the IP Push into the I/O port on the back of the player. Connect an Ethernet cable from your network to the IP Push. The IP Push device will request an IP address from your router and after a few seconds, it will display the IP address on it's LED display.

You can now enter the displayed IP address into a browser on a computer or mobile device that is connected to the same network as the IP Push either via wired Ethernet connection or WiFi. The browser will display the IP Push's webpage. Clicking on any of the numbered buttons will trigger that numbers video.

You can also send a simple HTTP request to the IP Push via a browser or terminal program with a computer, mobile device, or automation device.

If the IP address displayed on the IP Push is and the video you want to trigger in 002.mp4.  The command to be sent will be

Most routers have the ability to "lock" an IP address to a device. This means that if power is lost or the IP Push is disconnected, it will get the same IP address it was previously assigned. 

Most D-Link routers will have this setting in the LAN section of its settings. Look for a list of clients and select reserve or save for the IP address of the IP Push.

AT&T routers normally have an IP Allocation section under Home Network. There you can select allocate for the IP Address of a listed device.

Comcast routers usually have a Connected Devices section. There you can edit a listed device and select it as reserved.