The IPM+ Inter-Play Module connects to the VP71XD, and VP90, digital signage media players and DVD players. 

The IPM+ and RF REMOTE offer the ability to a trigger content loaded on your SD/USB/DVD/Network with the push of a button. Our slim yet powerful REMOTE has a range of approximately 50'.

Some example applications are:

Museum and or any tour guides - For example, a tour guide can walk from display to display and trigger videos with one remote
Retail - retail displays, home buying centers, automotive dealerships - Any sales area where a presenter shows videos to potential customers based on their interest
Leisure & Hospitality - Timeshare tours, bus tours, concierge desks, front desks, etc.  
Employee training or Corporate Offices, Corporate Events, Conference Centers - Employee orientation, training and or educational presentation to be given by the presenter 
Trade Shows Booths - presenter presses button for video or image of the customer's interest 
Any facility that wants to show a safety video prior to entry -  Children's play gyms, escape rooms, amusement parks, tour guides, zoos
Healthcare - Doctor offices, dentists, chiropractors, showing educational videos to patients prior to treatments