The VP71XD 4K is our industrial looping and interactive digital signage media player with a built-in scheduler that allows for you to time various content throughout the day. Designed for looping 4K/1080/720 content for 24/7/365 continuous auto seamless play. Displays up to 4K with the HDMI output. Outputs VGA or composite video. The VP71XD 4K will auto start, auto play, auto loop, and auto repeat seamlessly. Premium parts and built within a full metal enclosure to withstand aggressive use proven to run for over 6+ years without failure or manual interaction. This digital signage player can additionally be implemented as an interactive digital signage solution to engage your audience with our IPM+ with LED Push Buttons, Motion Sensors, Proximity Sensors or Weight Sensors. Our bundled solutions called PUSHMOVEWAVESENSE, RFID and ELEVATE include the VP71XD 4K. 

The VP71XD 4K highlighted benefits include:

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