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Videotel is the leading manufacturer for industrial digital signage media players, commercial grade dvd players and interactive digital signage solutions
Creating waves of the best kind on the open seas, Videotel Digital receives a great review from Royal Caribbean International cruise lines. Having come on board with their PUSH Interactive Digital Signage Solution with the VP71XD Media Player, the company lends a hand in an unforgettable entertainment experience for those sailing. Proving to be essential in the hospitality industry for the personalized way guests can be intrigued during visits to venues, hotels, resorts, cruise lines, trains, bars, restaurants, and the like, the company takes center stage.
Found essential for keeping commercial buildings and property management companies digitally on-trend, Videotel Digital has launched a new marketing must-have. Popular for updating directories and assuring that buyers in lobbies and waiting areas are aware of valuable information, the 4K VP90 has helped a Spokane, Washington development and management company do just that. The new 4K industrial digital signage player allows for client-specific, branded content to be played uninterrupted to customers. It has proved invaluable to TRW Development & Management for its interactive and remote-access compatibility, its built-in Wi-Fi, and its ability to have unlimited zone options per screen. To add, the VP90 allows any type of on-screen widget and RSS feed. TR Wilkening, President of TRW Development & Management, said of the new digital signage solution, “Videotel's team, from the purchase to setup to the implementation of the VP90 platform, was professional and effective. This created a seamless and positive experience. We were able to immediately, out of the box, give our high-rise commercial building lobby a face-lift by replacing an expensive, antiquated system. Videotel Digital helped us update our lobby directory with a cost-effective, professional, and modern digital directory. Great product and wonderful people to work with. A real breath of fresh air and highly recommended.” Videotel Digital’s VP of Marketing and Sales, Lisa Schneider, adds, “It’s phenomenal to work with clients in the commercial real estate industry like TRW Development and Management because their products are so visual. Their customers fall in love with what they see first so when our digital signage players are strategically placed in common rooms to seamlessly provide uninterrupted content, the information works. It whets the appetite for what a lobby sign ultimately show them. We’re often told that the impact is on point.”
Videotel Digital receives a pronounced review from Salem Health Hospitals and Clinics for their HD2600 XD Industrial Looping DVD Player that leads to a new partnership as well. On point for any medical facility to make spending time in a ward or waiting room easier, a Videotel Digital product gets an endorsement. Now recommended by Salem Health Hospitals and Clinics. Salem Health facilities include Salem Hospital, West Valley Hospital in Dallas and Salem Health clinics spread throughout the mid-Willamette Valley. Salem Health serves patients across Marion, Polk, Benton, Lincoln and Yamhill counties. Salem's mission is to improve the health and well-being of the people and communities they serve. Videotel Company's HD2600 XD DVD player has created a new benchmark in an industry tasked with keeping people at ease. Known for its ability to seamlessly auto-loop content without the need for manual interaction, the industrial grade DVD player is well-suited for the job. UL approved for use in hospitals and healthcare facilities such as pediatric wards, cancer treatment centers, and the like; it's constructed to keep going for 24/7 use of continuous playback. That means pure information or entertainment even in the event of a power loss. Moreover, it will automatically bypass menus and previews and play DVD movies for the quickest and most enjoyable experience possible. Well done, Videotel Digital. "In 2009 Salem Hospital began installing hospital grade DVD players in our common areas and patient rooms to help the people we serve and their families find as much comfort as we could provide during difficult times. I was asked to source these players and unfortunately we struggled with high failure rates and poor customer service from previous manufactures," said Jim S., Facilities Administration for Salem Health, of the HD2600 XD Industrial Looping DVD Players. He adds, "While searching on the internet for a solution to an untenable problem we discovered Videotel. I asked for a rep to contact me and Lisa Schneider from Videotel reached out to us shortly afterwards. We worked out an arrangement to bring an HD2600 XD on campus for us to test. Our findings were that the unit was considerably higher-quality than we had trialed in the past. We ordered a test run for a full floor remodel. We closely watched for failure rates, and were very pleased to find that the Videotel units had a zero failure rate during the trial period and beyond. We are now in the process of transitioning all of our existing DVD players on our campus to Videotel, and we are also putting them in all new construction projects moving forward. Thank you, Lisa and the whole Videotel team for providing a high-quality product and a competitive price."
In excellent form even on the ocean blue, the VP70 XD from Videotel Digital gets a wave of kudos from Seabourn. The pioneer of ultra luxury cruising for small-ship cruise lines, Seabourn delights their affluent client base with desirable destination spots. It also intrigues them with superior digital signage while on board. This is in thanks to Videotel Digital’s VP70 XD. Recently given a great review by the luxury liner’s Entertainment Technology rep, Brian Lunsford, the media player is on point. Identifying the power of well-given information, the all-suite ships are in top form as the industrial media players keep 600 guests up to speed. Known for their signature style of thoughtful, personalized, and heartfelt hospitality Seabourn knows how to please the clientele. “The product simply works flawlessly and is so easy to manage,” said Lunsford. “We use them to play a number of professionally produced video clips. Those clips are routed to displays in public areas onboard. They’re also routed to a television channel that’s available in the guest rooms.” Designed to provide years of quality as it runs 24/7 and 365 days a year, Videotel's VP70 XD industrial-grade digital media player simplifies signage. It auto-loops mixed content media and effortlessly mixes audio and video, content to create an engaging user experience. Lisa Schneider, VP of Marketing & Sales at Videotel Digital adds, “The VP70 XD is designed for heavy commercial use so, we’re in our element here with Seabourn. We’re so happy we can engage their guests with digital signage that’s upscale while they’re enjoying vacation."
Helping to create family fun in Las Vegas, Videotel Digital makes a splash at GameWorks. Used at the family entertainment venue to bring attention to their games, advertising messages, and informational content, the industrial digital media player does its job - enhances customer experiences. Known for its convenience and specifically designed features that allow for trigger timed content, the compact unit helps to manage a safe and welcoming environment focused on fun.
Enjoying their 38th year providing enhanced experiences regardless of the venue, Videotel Digital hits the high notes with an anniversary. San Diego, CA - January 23, 2018 - February is a month of celebration for Videotel Digital. The San Diego-based manufacturer of industrial digital signage solutions has now officially hit the benchmark of 38-years in business. And hit it they did. The industry leader saw continued success this year by servicing numerous industries from retail to healthcare, educational venues, hospitality, events, and museums among others. To that end, among other enviable advances, the year saw the company premier their newest network digital signage media player, the VP90. Their attendance of the Infocomm with the new solution did not go unnoticed in July as well. Lisa Schneider, VP of Marketing and Sales at Videotel Digital, said of the company’s anniversary, “We are celebrating all month as we applaud all of our associates and team members for creating such phenomenal products for our clients. It really is all about customer service and staying ahead of the game with foresight and its resulting innovations. We’re proud to say that nearly four-decades of doing just that has proven itself. Those are just two of the key points to our ongoing success." Linking arms with new clients this year like GameWorks, Seabourn, and Inre Media, Videotel Digital sought to create new industry standards. GameWorks is widely praised as Las Vegas’ hub for wholesome family fun while Seabourn is the pioneer of ultra-luxury cruising for small-ship cruise lines. Inre Media provides professional hospitality TV installations to optimize the hotel guest experience. These are just three of the company’s newest partners. Videotel Digital’s success at the pro-AV industry’s largest trade show in the US - Infocomm - became apparent early on. Set among 40,000 attendees and 1,000 exhibitors representing all facets of audiovisual technology, the company made strides displaying their newest product. The VP90 industrial grade network media player debut not only included the latest 4K networked media player but also six interactive digital signage solutions including the new LIFT solution. The newest in the Videotel Digital lineup, the VP90 4K Industrial Networked Digital Signage Media Player, allows remote access to update or change and push out content via a Web Server, LAN, or FTP. It has WIFI capability and offers a long list of design options to create and customize content and flawlessly auto loops audio, video, and images files. For more information about Videotel Digital visit About Videotel Digital: Videotel Digital is a leading manufacturer of Industrial Digital Signage Media Players, Industrial DVD Players, and Interactive Digital Signage Solutions. Videotel Digital Industrial Audio/Video products provide convenience with features such as Auto Start, Auto Play, and Auto Loop. The products also seamlessly Auto Repeat for continuous play without manual interaction.
Saluting the benefits of the VP70XD Industrial Digital Signage Media Player Videotel Digital adds BANG! Creative Inc. to it's list of exceptionally pleased clients.
Through a partnership with the EHI Company, Videotel Digital announces the availability of their products and solutions on the GSA contract, GS-03F-0036P - Schedule 58-I Audio-Visual
Videotel Digital digital signage media player gets rave reviews by Southern California-based footwear icon, Rainbow Sandals
Our Customers Love Us...
  • Royal Caribbean International

    Videotel’s equipment has been a proven solution for many of our immersive entertainment activities.  From laser tag to incredible escape rooms, Videotel’s equipment plays a vital role in our everyday operation and seamless delivery of experiences to our guests. 

    Jake McDaniel / Consultant, Media & Interactive Technology
  • Salem Health

    In 2009 Salem Hospital began installing hospital grade DVD players in our common areas and patient rooms to help the people we serve and their families find as much comfort as we could provide during difficult times. I was meant to source these players and over the course of several years, we struggled immensely with numerous brands because of the high failure rates and poor customer service from the manufactures. While searching on the internet for a solution to an untenable problem we discovered Videotel. I asked for a rep to contact me with guarded optimism and shortly afterward Lisa Schneider from Videotel reached out to us.  We worked out an arrangement to bring an HD2600 XD on campus for us to review. Our findings were that the unit was considerably higher-quality than we had seen before.  We ordered a test run for a full floor remodel.  We were involved in and closely watched for failure rates, and were very pleased to find that the Videotel units had a zero failure rate during the trial period and beyond. We are now in the process of transitioning all of our existing DVD players on our campus to Videotel, and we are also putting them in all new construction projects moving forward. Thank you, Lisa and the whole Videotel team for providing a high-quality product and a competitive price.

    Jim S. / Facilities Administration
  • Caesars Entertainment Corporation

    We have had the VP71 industrial media player running 24/7 since February 2014 without a hiccup or reboot

    Terry Wilkie / Technical director of entertainment for the Las Vegas Region
  • Low Voltage Installations, Inc.

    "We used a VP70XD for a single display for Toyota at Coors Field.  The install was as simple as can be, from opening the box to being up and running took 5 minutes with the customer’s content on a USB drive. We are very satisfied with the results"

    Shawn Tank
  • Siouxland Heritage Museums

    “We started using the DVD version of media player over 10 years ago. With many people opening our museum exhibits on any given day, knowing that the DVD player would always turn on and play was very helpful. We have recently upgraded to the VP71XD industrial digital media player and it was ready out of the package. We also added the harness with pushbuttons and the directions to the program were very simple. From researching to ordering, to purchasing, the company is knowledgeable and great to deal with. Thank you!”

    Molly Engquist, Curator of Exhibits
  • Northwood Restaurant

    "We use the Videotel Digital VP70 LTE Commercial Grade Seamless Auto Looping Digital Media Player at one of our establishments located at the Northwood Golf course in Monte Rio California, Northwood Restaurant (Bistro) on a monitor that runs 24/7 with our latest menus and news which we call "Northwood News". We include holiday greetings year around and "Specials" as well as various videos on areas of interest in the place we live such as the coast, wildlife, and vineyards, redwood forests, etc. We selected this player because of its commercial-grade robustness and the fact we frequently have power outages and the Videotel player responds like a champion, we are quite pleased with the performance of this player!"

    Stan Angel-Piner Cafe
  • Great Escape Room

    "We here at the Great Room Escape in Layton, Utah strive to provide the most immersive and professional looking games that a customer can experience.  With the release of our latest game, Ghost Hotel we knew that our special effects that would require interactive video needed to be handled by a product that is second to none.  Videotel absolutely met this objective.  From triggerable videos, stunning 4k and everything in between, their product has exceeded every expectation.  Now for all of our interactive video needs, Videotel will be our go-to choice!"


    Greg Andersen-Co-Owner, General Manager
  • Victory Christian Center

    "We are using the VP90’s to graphic content on several screens around our main church lobby. This includes our cafe menu and connect groups video wall. We love the VP90’s because of their feature-set and great price. They fit our needs perfectly!"

    Chris Trowbridge, Production Director
  • Misfit

    "As an advertising agency with capabilities in video production, we’re constantly looking for innovative products to creatively display the videos that we create. Technology that allows us to make our videos interactive is incredibly appealing to our clients. We recently purchased the VP71 XD and the transitions are seamless. The team at Videotel handled all of our inquiries with the highest level of customer service."

    Cameron Tyler
  • Montana Real Estate
    We recently purchased the VP90 4K/1080 Industrial Networked Digital Signage Media Players, for signage display for our Real Estate listings.  We specialize in high-end properties, we expect our signage to be the best of the best.  We provide only the highest levels of quality productions to our clientele, and we were not disappointed in these media players.  This system has been flawless!  The video’s we upload, run seamlessly.  Color quality is top notch, no color clarity is lost between what we produce, to what is seen on the screen.  I would recommend this media player to anyone looking for professional, high-quality signage.
    Rone Homes, Montana Real Estate, Billings, MT
  • Healthfleet Ambulance

    "As a medical transportation company, we needed to keep our field staff informed about safety videos and up to the minute messages. To accomplish that we needed several monitors to run continuously. I contacted Videotel, and within just a few days, our system was up and running. The VP90 allowed me to upload videos from anywhere, anytime.”

    General Manager, Ted Brown
  • WonderMakr

    “We use is the VP71XD interactive Media player solution to provide a seamless, hands-off experience to educate consumers in pop-up retail locations across Canada for a prominent automotive brand. Multiple signage players were used on a single vehicle to display custom animated graphics and directional, quality, audio to provide an intimate interaction for their newest safety technologies. wonderMakr is already looking at new ways we can use these devices creatively in the marketing, events, and technology sector.”

    Senior Producer, Dylan Welsh
  • TRW Development & Management
    "Videotel's team from the purchase, to set up, to the implementation of the VP90 platform was professional and effective creating a seamless and positive experience. We were able to immediately, out of the box, give our high-rise commercial building lobby a face-lift by replacing an antiquated and expensive to update lobby directory with a cost-effective, professional, and modern digital directory. Great product and wonderful people to work with, a real breath of fresh air and highly recommended."
    TRW Development & Management, TR Wilkening
  • DVI Solutions

    "We didn’t purchase the VP71 XD Digital Media Player for our use but rather for one of our clients. They needed a product that would systematically loop corporate videos and marketing materials. The functionality, whereby all they had to do was insert a thumb drive, and the media automatically played with seamless transitions between videos and photos with no disruptive overlay display, proved perfect. They’re beyond pleased. We will happily recommend this product to our other clients."

    Company Representative, Yong Wai Leong
  • Rockwell Collins

    The industrial DVD player from Videotel has been helping my company to reduce several hours of downtime in the test stations that need to reproduce DVD movies continuously for 48 hours.

    Fidel Arrendondo Castro / Facilities Engineer
  • Science Museum of Oklahoma

    Most of our units have been replaced with Videotel equipment, many of which are still operating more than three years, as opposed to the few months we received from regular players.

    Gary Jones / Exhibits Techniican
  • Columbia River Maritime Museum

    We use Videotel units in many of our exhibits to loop video and image files. We currently have several VP70, VP71, HD2600XD, HD2700M units in our displays and even an original DVD unit that has been working for the past eleven years with daily use. The auto-looping on start-up feature is especially valued by our maintenance staff who have to open the museum galleries in the mornings. They know they can turn the power on to the exhibits and not have to “fuss” with the equipment. The reliability and ease of use are strong points to consider when looking for digital video display options. Also, over the years when we have had occasional issues, your technical staff has been very responsive and helpful in finding solutions to our concerns. I recommend Videotel products to my colleagues in the museum field with confidence.


    Jeff Smith / Curator
  • Criswell Automotive

    Digital signage in the automotive retail industry is critical to advertising and brand awareness. Choosing hardware from Videotel has provided consistent performance and results.

    Chris Faber / IT Director
  • President / TTC INC/ The Travelers Channel

    In the past (5) years, our company TTC INC/The Travelers Channel has purchased about 100 DVD Videotel units. The company operates a 24 hour visitors channel called The Travelers Channel in hotels, the Videotel DVD player has been the answer to our prayers. The DVD player runs 24 hours a day, like a fine Swiss watch. And if there is a power outage, the unit comes right back on without a manual reset. The Videotel DVD player also plays all formats of DVD discs without any problems. I highly recommend these units to any one.

    Al D'Conti
  • Audio Visual Manager / Foxwoods Resort Casino / MGM

    We have DVD players scattered throughout a massive property in retail and promotional areas. In the past, after a power interruption, a technician would have to physically walk to each location and power the units on. The units are not located in the most ideal locations. The life expectancy was only several months. We purchased our first Videotel DVD player several years ago and have not touched it again. I have since replaced all the units with Videotel players. The new V2200 is more compact and easier to place in tight areas. It has one simple job – PLAY, REPEAT. It is a great product at an affordable price!

    Gregory Houle
  • United Grinding

    I think that this unit has been phenomenal. We used several home based systems that would soon fail and we had almost daily problems. Now that we have switched. I do believe that our failure of DVD front side has never failed.

    Amy United Grinding
  • KG Fitness

    We have 4 different channels in our fitness center that play prere corded content. We used to buy new DVD players almost every month as they would die after 24hour daily use. Now with the industrial DVD players they run nonstop trouble free and are simple for our non technical staff to use. I would highly recommend there (I actually did to another gym) to anyone who needs constant play.

    Yehuda Fulda
  • Strike Industries, Inc.

    We have had great success using your Industrial DVD player. We use it for an incredibly simple application, but the durability and reliability of your player is a requirement. I like the new look as well.

    Michael E. Black / Vice President
  • Skin Laundry

    From the minute I found Videotel on the internet I was excited. Finally something that looked simple and reliable.  It literally took 5 minutes from opening the box to get rid of all the previous pain and frustration. I will strongly recommend Videotel to anybody looking for a looping video solution. It's incredibly simple to setup, there is no strain on valuable bandwidth, and best of all it never falters.

    Chris Carey / CEO
  • Renaissance Hotels

    We installed the HD2600 players the same day we received them. I installed the disc, pushed the power button and that was the last time I touched them. They are awesome.

    Jeff Becher / Director Of Engineering
  • Beechmont Racquet & Fitness

    We have the need for DVD’s to run continuously over and over again at our club while people workout. We have tried other DVD players with REPEAT functions, including some expensive models, but it has not been as simple as it has seemed.  Videotel seems to have figured it out and made our life simpler.

    Lance Atkins, Owner, Beechmont Racquet & Fitness
  • Ovation In Store

    Moving to solid state media players, the VP71 is now our "GO TO" player for all of our retail and commercial applications where video is looped. I've personally tested the player thinking of worst possible situations, and it's passed them all.

    Joe Miklos / Technical Director
  • Rainbow Sandals

    From the moment of contact with Videotel they not only provided us with exceptional customer service but, Videotel’s products are incredibly reliable and simple to operate. We chose Videotel’s VP70 series media players to display educational videos to our retail customers and we couldn’t be happier with the solution.

    Pat Huber / Director
  • New Iceland Heritage Museum

    The New Iceland Museum installed a highly interactive digital signage solution for a new permanent exhibit which included a VP71XD Multimedia Player from Videotel Digital.  The player works seamlessly with an interactive panel with LED push buttons and provides high-quality picture and sound. Technical support and customer service were extremely helpful. This player is a definite asset to this exhibit.

    Julianna Roberts / Executive Director
  • Florida Holocaust Museum

    The Florida Holocaust Museum is using Videotel Digital’s VP70 LTE media players in several exhibits throughout the museum. They provide the quality of video and audio we need, and most importantly, the dependability. We haven’t experienced any downtime with these units due to failure or problems. With our previous solution, we were rebooting and restarting our exhibits at least once a week. These are just what we’ve been looking for!


    Florida Holocaust Museum
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