What video formats will play on the VP71?
The VP71 will play almost any video format, including .avi .vob .dat .iso .mkv .mov .mp4 .mpg .mpeg .ts .mets .wmv .rm .mvb .flv. the most commonly used video formats are .avi .mov .mpg and .wmv.
How do I format my video?
We suggest encoding your file as an mov using H.264 and limiting the bit rate below 18mbps. The best rule of thumb is to make your video file the same size as the TV it will be playing on (480, 720 or 1080). If you want to test how different video formats look, you can make several versions of the same video and just play them in order on the VP70 and see which one looks best.
Do I need to label the files any special way?
No. Simply put them in the order you wish them to be played on your USB or SD card. The VP71 will play the 1st file, then the 2nd and so on. Once it gets to the last file it will start over with the first one.
Will the VP71 auto start if I lose power?
Yes. Once you plug in the player or you lose power and it comes back on the player will turn on and play the 1st video file (Audio and Picture files will not auto start) by itself.
What is the difference between the VP71 and the VP70?
The VP71 in an industrial media player with RS232 functionality and can be used with an interplay module and push buttons or proximity sensors for an interactive digital signage solution.