What is the proven life span of the HD2600 Industrial DVD Player running consistently 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?
The average customer enjoys a life span of about 4 or more years. The length of play depends somewhat on the temperature where the player is installed. It also depends on the amount frequency of disc changes.
If the HD2600 potentially fails can it be repaired?
The internal parts of the HD2600 (laser, drive motor, spindle motor) are all contained in an easy to change "loader". To change the loader, you twist loose the 2 thumb screws on the front, slide out the bad unit and slide in a new one. It takes about 45 seconds and anyone can do it.
Does the HD2600 has HDMI output?
Yes. There is also a built in up-scaler that outputs up to 1080.
Will this The HD2600 play "burned discs"?
Yes. It will play most common burned DVDs (-R, +R, -RW and +RW)
If I turn the power off by the circuit breaker at night, then back on in the morning, will this player start up by itself?
Yes. Once power is restored to the player, it will power up, start to play (from the beginning of the disc) and set auto repeat.