The HD2600 industrial grade DVD player is now our newly improved  HD2600XD.   These units are in stock and available today!

Please see our HD2600 XD product page for more details.

 The HD2600 is our exclusive hd industrial looping dvd player specially UL approved for use in hospitals and any healthcare facilities. The HD2600 is a true commercial grade dvd player designed to automatically power on, auto play, auto loop and seamlessly auto repeat without manual interaction.  Proven to run continuously 24/7 for 4+ years without failure. The HD2600 is the most reliable, durable dvd player on the market. The unit can be mounted both vertical and horizontal positions. Displays full HD, upscaling video. It will automatically skip any menu or previews on a standard dvd movie. 

The Videotel HD2600 Industrial Looping DVD Player has proven to be the only truly industrial grade High Definition, UL Approved DVD player on the market today. Designed to seamlessly Auto On, Auto Play, Auto Repeat and Auto Loop without any manual interaction. Specifically designed for continuous 24/7/365 play. The HD2600 is a reliable commercial grade looping dvd player designed for rugged use and displays video content on any screen. Ideal for environments that desire a cost effective digital signage solution to advertise, engage, inform and educate your audience. Key Advantages and Benefits of The HD2600 Industrial Looping DVD Player: