Videotel Digitals PUSH, MOVE, SENSE, WAVE, TAP, RF PUSH, QR, SCAN and ELEVATE devices are unique interactive digital signage solutions for industrial and commercial applications. Each component is compatible with our exclusive 4K VP90 and VP71XD industrial digital media players.

Create an interactive digital signage solution with your choice of colorful LED push buttons, smart motion sensors, proximity sensors, or our ELEVATE illuminated display platform.

Each interactive digital display solution instantly attracts people and encourages them to engage with your brand, all the while boosting interest and increasing dwell time.

Videotel’s interactive digital display solutions are reliable, cost-effective, and easy to use. If you are looking for a unique interactive experience for your brand or business, these solutions are for you!
1 to 6 Button Custom Made Inter-Play Harness (IPH) Used to Trigger Content with the Push of a Button
  • From $138.00
WAVE to Play (Gen 2) Interactive Digital Signage Solution
  • From $230.00
NEW LIFT Solution - Combine LIFT with your Signage for Higher Engagement
  • From $236.00
25mm Touch-Less Infrared Button
  • $48.00
NEW - SENSE Motion Detector With Cable & Control Module & Mount
  • From $268.00
MOVE Motion Sensor With Enclosure and 6' Harness
  • From $145.00
RFID Interactive Sensor
  • From $298.00
TAP Interactive
  • From $188.00
Elevate Platform Weight Sensor
  • From $275.00
IPM+ Interactive Dry Contact and RF Module
  • From $98.00
RF PUSH Handheld Remote Interactive Digital Signage Solution
  • From $58.00
SCAN Solution Including Barcode Scanner
  • From $248.00
IP PUSH (Transmit) Interactive Digital Signage Trigger Solution
  • $248.00
CODE RED - VP90 with IP PUSH and a Pushbutton
  • From $807.50
IP PUSH (Receive) Interactive Digital Signage Trigger Solution
  • $248.00
Pre-Programmed RFID Stickers, Cards and Fobs
  • $4.22