Videotel Digital offers the most powerful industrial and easy to use media players for digital displays on the market. Our solid-state and networkable signage media players are compatible with stand-alone digital displays, multiple screen displays, and interactive digital signage applications. These devices are easy to use, reliable, and designed to last. Our players are ideal for storefronts, healthcare facilities, hotel lobbies, school foyers, restaurants, bars, government training rooms, and more.
VP92 4K Digital Signage Media Player Network & WIFI Capable, Access Content Remotely with cloud software. Interactive Capabilities
  • From $488.00
NEW VP72 4K Industrial, Interactive and Looping Digital Signage Media Player
  • From $378.00
VP70XD Industrial Looping Digital Signage Media Player
  • From $298.00
VP70LTE+ Industrial Looping Digital Signage Media Player
  • From $298.00
HD2600XD+ Industrial Grade Looping DVD Player (Will Play Copy Protected DVDs)
  • From $348.00
HD2700M+ Industrial Looping DVD Player, USB and SD Media Player (Buffers DVD Content to Internal RAM - Will Not Play Copy Protected DVDs)
  • $482.00
HyperSound HSS 3000 Directional Sound Speakers
  • From $1,045.00
VIDBeam Directional Sound Speaker
  • From $485.00
1 to 6 Button Custom Made Inter-Play Harness (IPH) Used to Trigger Content with the Push of a Button
  • From $138.00
WAVE to Play (Gen 2) Interactive Digital Signage Solution
  • From $230.00
NEW LIFT Solution - Combine LIFT with your Signage for Higher Engagement
  • From $236.00
MOVE Motion Sensor With Enclosure and 6' Harness
  • From $145.00
NEW - SENSE Motion Detector With Cable & Control Module & Mount
  • From $268.00
25mm Touch-Less Infrared Button
  • $48.00
RF PUSH Handheld Remote Interactive Digital Signage Solution
  • From $58.00
Elevate Platform Weight Sensor
  • From $275.00
RFID Interactive Sensor
  • From $298.00
SCAN Solution Including Barcode Scanner
  • From $248.00